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01 February 2011 @ 12:35 am
HELLO! I'm back from some unplanned hiatus, I wanted to update with icons but I realised I haven't updated magicmachine for an even longer time so here you go:

31 multi-fandom icons @ magicmachine

Some notes regarding
- ICONS: This batch is pretty old, like the Billie Piper icons were from a half-done challenge from December as well as some incomplete 20in20 submissions. I know, I'm horrible. The only recent ones are the Parks & Rec ones, I kinda realize they're from the same scene/hosptial setting so the colouring's kinda similar which blows but I really love this episode like crazy mad.
- NEXT UPDATE: I have some light blob textures! Here's a sneak preview ;) I'm almost done with them, so expect a texture update by end of the week. Also, I'm super glad that ppl actually like my textures I have over 200 downloads WHOA thanks so much guys :D
- 2011: To that person who requested a blending tutorial I'm very very sorry but I don't that's possible :( I'm moving to a different country/CONTINENT next week as I embark on my journey to ~university life~ so I'll be pretty swamped :/ I'm not too sure if I'll even have time to icon anymore, I'm hardly online these days. So I can't guarantee regular updates, but I'll try my best.

14 December 2010 @ 03:10 am
Oh wow, I'm ridiculously late with this tutorial but rl's gotten a bit crazy. My laptop screen isn't working well, it keeps on having double vision it's driving me insane. The colours are all weird so I won't be making icons for a while :/ Hopefully I'll get it fixed in the next few days and I'll be able to complete the challenges I'm currently in. I really hope so!

Anyway, the lovely library_of_sex requested for a tutorial for this icon from this batch and here it finally is!

Program: Photoshop 7
Difficulty: Intermediate/Advanced
Translatable: No
PSD Included: Yes


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