5 Shows to Catch in 2011

Hello ladies, I bring for you a picspam! It's a bit late to post this since it's already February, but I'm doing it anyway because I can, hurhur.

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These caps have been edited and are not for personal or icon use. Please don't repost this on tumblr, they're all already here. Comments are greatly appreciated. Oh and to those who celebrate it, Happy Chinese New Year! :)

i'm in the corner watching you kiss her

HELLO! I'm back from some unplanned hiatus, I wanted to update with icons but I realised I haven't updated magicmachine for an even longer time so here you go:

31 multi-fandom icons @ magicmachine

Some notes regarding
- ICONS: This batch is pretty old, like the Billie Piper icons were from a half-done challenge from December as well as some incomplete 20in20 submissions. I know, I'm horrible. The only recent ones are the Parks & Rec ones, I kinda realize they're from the same scene/hosptial setting so the colouring's kinda similar which blows but I really love this episode like crazy mad.
- NEXT UPDATE: I have some light blob textures! Here's a sneak preview ;) I'm almost done with them, so expect a texture update by end of the week. Also, I'm super glad that ppl actually like my textures I have over 200 downloads WHOA thanks so much guys :D
- 2011: To that person who requested a blending tutorial I'm very very sorry but I don't that's possible :( I'm moving to a different country/CONTINENT next week as I embark on my journey to ~university life~ so I'll be pretty swamped :/ I'm not too sure if I'll even have time to icon anymore, I'm hardly online these days. So I can't guarantee regular updates, but I'll try my best.


tutorial 01: sherlock & moriarty

Oh wow, I'm ridiculously late with this tutorial but rl's gotten a bit crazy. My laptop screen isn't working well, it keeps on having double vision it's driving me insane. The colours are all weird so I won't be making icons for a while :/ Hopefully I'll get it fixed in the next few days and I'll be able to complete the challenges I'm currently in. I really hope so!

Anyway, the lovely library_of_sex requested for a tutorial for this icon from this batch and here it finally is!

Program: Photoshop 7
Difficulty: Intermediate/Advanced
Translatable: No
PSD Included: Yes


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I cannot see you never again

Like as if I need a reason to icon Sherlock, here's my entry for sherlock20in20. I'm more of a Sherlock/John shipper and Moriarty was only in two scenes, so his images were quite limited. But I honestly adore Moriarty and I actually started meddling with icons before the themes & info were even out :P This is the longest I've spent on just 20 icons but I'm really pleased with the outcome! I think you can tell I went a bit crazy with the animation and also how limited my blending capabilities are but I can't help constantly using Cumberbatch's side profile (perfect bone structure - hello?!)

20 Sherlock/Moriarty for sherlock20in20

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60 multi-fandom icons

Icon dump! A few of my icons from this batch were taken from odd-sized graphics at my tumblr cos I'm lazy like that :P Hope you like them :)

01-28 Doctor Who
29-42 Sherlock + Cumberbatch
43-52 Merlin
53-60 Misc (Community, The Office, Simon Amstell, The Smiths, Cate Blanchett)

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Hey guys you should totally join

The sign ups are open for Round 3! It's my first time participating and it looks pretty fun (some of my favourite iconmakers are in it too which is amazing). So I strongly suggest you do too.

Also, in case you think I've been slacking in terms of school iconage, I haven't! Here's a teaser:

I'm working on more and I'm doing sherlock20in20 too so I'll probably update by end of the month. I just want to say I really appreciate all the comments and support I've gotten so far. Thank you! ♥

endlessly; a sherlock/john mix

I want to kill myself sometimes - I did not learn from my mistake and still started with the cover art first before the music. It was surprisingly easier to compile this mix compared to my previous who one. I think it's cos I'm going through an obsessive phase (I'm re-watching the entire BBC series and currently reading The Hound of the Baskervilles).

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I'm also accepting FANMIX REQUESTS if you're into that sort of thing :P Feel free to browse through my tags to see what fandom I obssess over and my previous mixes to get a feel. I can't promise a mix for each & everyone of you and if it's not my fandom or ship I won't do it, but perhaps I'll try to accomplish the general ones. Suggest songs/musicians or what kind of mood you want the mix to be! If you want a certain image for the cover art, just link it to me! Go crazy!

I'll update with icons soon (hopefully). Comments are ace and feel free to add me for updates!

intertwined; a doctor who mix

Normal people make mixes starting with the music and leave the cover art for later. I did it the other way around :/ I was really inspired by vetica ’s inception soundtrack (so pretty!) I wanted to create a cover art almost immediately and left the music for last. NEVER AGAIN.

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Comments are ace and feel free to add me for updates!